Robert Siekert

Administrative Professional


As a former ESL teacher who has lived and worked on several continents and possesses a strong background in political science, Robert Siekert is a one-of-a-kind administration professional. Currently based in Tacoma, WA, Robert has worked as a Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator at Life Care Center of America Federal Way. Mr. Siekert spent a considerable amount of time in China teaching English, and Western Culture before returning to the United States to pursue a career in the administration field.

While Robert Siekert was born and raised on the coast of Florida, he always had his sights set on traveling for work. Immediately after finishing high school, Robert moved to the Shanxi Province in China to teach English as well as American and Western Culture at the North University of China. After spending three years as faculty, Mr. Siekert decided to move back to the United States to pursue a degree of his own. Robert graduated from Santa Fe College with an Associates degree in Political Science and later from the University of Florida with a B.A. in Political Science.

Upon the completion of his degree, Robert Siekert returned to China to enhance his skills in Mandarin. Throughout his multiple stays in China, Robert worked for a variety of organizations and schools including Tsinghua University, Sinopec Foreign Affairs Bureau, and Eton House International. Mr. Siekert taught all levels of students ranging from Kindergarten to upper management teams and became highly skilled in tailoring lessons around individual students’ needs in order to become a more effective teacher for all of his students. In addition to his teaching duties, Robert frequently analyzed and edited research articles to prepare them for international publication.

In 2012, Robert began feeling the need to move his career forward and take on his next challenge. He returned to the U.S. where he became a Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator. Mr. Siekert immediately began working for the Huntsville Health Care Center which specialized in transitional care. Robert oversaw and managed the 92-bed facility and made a name for himself by saving the nursing budget over $218,000 annually through training and retention programs and reduced complaints by 50% by maintaining an open door policy to mitigate risk and give his employees the ability to provide input on where changes were needed.

After four years of transformative work with the company, Robert accepted a position as Executive Director with Life Care Centers of America Federal Way. While he has only just begun his tenure in this position, he is already positively transforming the company. On a day to day basis, Mr. Siekert manages 170 employees in the 154-bed skilled nursing facility. In only one year, Robert has increased occupancy from 83% to 98%, developed a program to target the underserved populations in his community, and managed the facility through a flooding crisis while personally overseeing the evacuation of over 50 residents.

Regardless of the country in which he is living or his professional title, Robert Siekert finds a way to enhance his role to better serve others. He has dedicated his career to helping others in not only his community but worldwide and has developed a well-deserved reputation for going above and beyond regardless of the obstacles. Outside of work, Robert loves spending time with his dogs, Josie and Bruce, and enjoys gardening and cooking.

Past Positions

Life Care Centers of America Federal Way

Executive Director, 03/17 – 2/18

  • Manage 170 employees in a profitable 154 bed Skilled Nursing Facility with a Four Star CMS rating
  • Increased occupancy from 83% to 98% in three months
  • Conducted market research and developed exclusive program to target underserved populations in local community
  • Managed facility through flooding crisis, evacuating 50 residents, overseeing abatement and reconstruction, working with insurance adjusters and contractors with budget of ~$1,000,000

Huntsville Health Care Center – Nursing Facility

Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator, 03/12-10/16

  • Oversaw the efficient and profitable operation of 92 bed skilled nursing facility.
  • Created Ventilator Transitional Unit as step-down for Houston area hospitals, one in five in Texas.
  • Eliminated agency nursing saving Nursing budget $218,000 annually through rigorous recruiting efforts and training and retention programs.  


  • Associates of Arts in Political Science, Santa Fe College, Gainesville, Florida 2009
  • Bachelor of Arts Political Science, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 2011

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