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The Eight Most Expensive Hotels in the World

There is no lack of expensive hotels in the world. They are the best of the best and regularly cater to members of high society, dignitaries, and other people of prestige. Here are the world’s eight most expensive hotels.

1. St. Lucia’s Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine — This hotel earned the top spot for its type of accommodations. If you are claustrophobic, this hotel might not be for you since its located underwater. Whether it’s moored in a reef near St. Lucia or in the Red Sea, you’ll enjoy amazing views of marine life. The cost is nearly $300,000 a night per couple.

What's so Important About Distributed Ledger Technology?

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has become a central means by which we store and update public records. An active DLT system is ideal because of its transparency. What bitcoin, for example, has achieved as a decentralized currency is replicated within bookkeeping. This form of accounting is now digital; it operates without a central authority.


DLT Nodes: Accountable, Accessible and Impenetrable
From the achievements of the distributed ledger, we also get the trademark idea of blockchain. 

Historical Landmarks in Washington State You Should Visit

The west coast state was named for the first president of the United States. The area has long been known for its lumber industry and the growth of various fruits and vegetables. Humans called the state home for thousands of years. However, European settlements were not established until 1775. Along with scenic terrain, Washington is known for the state’s many historic landmarks.

Top Seven Theme Parks in the U.S.

Most people think of amusement parks when they think of summer fun. While there are many such parks that are open during the summer, there are many others that are open throughout the year. Some of these are obviously in places with nice climates like California or Florida, but others are actually in places that are less exotic like Ohio. Here are the top seven theme parks in the U.S.

Take a Wine Tour of California

For those seeking a new experience, taking a tour in the wine country of California is a fascinating choice. Not only to do you get to taste a variety of wines but you also get to explore the beautiful wine counties of California.

Napa Valley

The scenic and verdant Napa Valley comes alive under the sunshine and surrounding hills of this photographic area. There is much to do in Napa County as it caters to tourism with over 400 wineries. 

Top Tips to Create a Customer Experience Strategy

Customer experience encompasses a set of actions taken in your business to ensure that customers have a positive feeling regarding the service they receive. Businesses with a great customer experience strategy are generally bound to survive for longer and competitively in the market. Creating that unique customer experience that your business so much needs requires that you first develop a competent strategy. Here are some tips on how you can create an effective customer experience strategy.