Any individual who has moved from a startup to a more established company can lay out a lengthy pro and con list comparing the two. Although the pay, consistency, and security that comes from an established company are appealing, working for a startup is incredible. A startup company can function on a more sociable level due to the smaller staff and the attention to detail required. Not only can you get to know your teammates better, but you can better connect with any clients or customers as well. 

In a rapidly changing society, it can become challenging to decide what to do to keep your company rolling with the top dogs. 

Continuous Learning

It’s important to remember that as long as you are in a leadership position, you will never stop learning. The lessons don’t just come from experience, but actual continually studying. Pick up books on businesses, leadership, and corporate success to learn more and read through other people’s journeys. Regularly ask for advice from people who are farther ahead than you, to add to your wealth of knowledge. The first step of running a successful business is acknowledging that you do not know everything, and that’s okay.


When it comes to communicating within your business, transparency is key. One of the unique things about startups is that every milestone the company reaches reflects the success and hard work of every single person working in the company. Congratulate your employees and show them you care. Be transparent about all of the milestones and goals you are reaching, no matter how big or small. On the flip side, make sure you are also communicating how you may be falling short and how you can get to a better place.

The friendly and personable aspect of a startup is the fertilized grounds for fruitful success. Try not to overcomplicate it, and remember to rely on the people around you as well.