Every brand is unique, so it’s in your best interest to find a marketing approach that fits with your business and consumer. Here’s a look at effective ways to generate your leads.


Content Marketing

Content is how data gets into the world. The web’s endless show of information is rendered as garbage if you and I can’t read any of it. Or, if the content is not accurate. Content marketing is at the top of our list because you’ll use it regardless of the business or product you have.


Experiential Marketing

Since most brands have no idea about what this is, you’re likely to lead your industry through experiential marketing. There’s a profitable advantage to gain from creating experiences—as an actual method of outreach. Real experiences are few in the digital world. You become experiential by creating unique memories for your customers.


Guerrilla Marketing

Being right where your consumer is or meeting them in public streets best defines guerrilla marketing. If you’ve ever heard a preacher through a loudspeaker on the corner of a road, then you know exactly what being a “guerrilla” means. Get to where your people are; it’s that simple.


Multi-Level Marketing

Also called network marketing and direct sales, the art of selling products to friends, relatives, and associates accounts for billions of dollars each year. We see multi-level marketing in many industries, such as cosmetics (e.g. Avon), cleaning products and cutlery. A person is hired to become a distributor of a product. A distributor can recruit another distributor to sell the same product, thus creating a “level” of marketing. A recruit gives a percentage of his (or her) sales to the person who recruited him. 


Direct Response Marketing

You can only leverage direct response when you ask your leads to do something after they’ve engaged with your ad, message or news. With this branch of outreach, marketers assess their strategies based on the response they get. Direct response marketing can take the form of flyers, mail pieces, surveys and more. 


Public Relations and Reputation Management

The internet hasn’t diluted the benefit of PR or reputation management. The world’s top PR agencies have actually found that the potential for average people to tarnish your name makes PR more relevant than ever. Thus, there are online reputation and public relations specialists who formulate campaigns to repair one’s online and offline reputation (or event).


Email Marketing

There’s nothing quite as personal as receiving an email from a brand that holds the solution you’re looking for. Email marketing is a platform that consistently performs since it’s the number one communication channel per Optinmonster. The goal of email marketing is to convert a prospect into a customer as well as to get an existing customer to buy another product.