With so many tech tools for entrepreneurs to use today, the benefits of financial technology (FinTech) should always be among the advantages that you have. Technology gives us the benefit of shortcutting calculations, tracing specific data and then projecting future outcomes into comprehensible terms. Below are the top business apps you should be utilizing. 


 Capital One Mobile:


The features that entrepreneurs have through Capital Mobile One include push notifications, real-time updates and debit-card protection. This banker provides its users with wireless accounts through an adaptable system. Capital Mobile One links users to their credit scores, whether they are business professionals or payment users. Since businesses can pay bills through the app, maintaining your business accounting there is easy to do.


 You Need a Budget:


The developers of You Need a Budget (YNAB) invented their app as a solution to living from check to check. The app’s core offer is a list of tools that are designed to give you financial control. The download is part of an entire education program that goes over real-time budgets, goal tracking, report analysis and the disciplines of budgeting an account.




“Quicken MyBusiness,” as it applies to the app created by Mint, works to keep a healthy balance between your personal and business finances. The app organizes receipts, yearly goals and car mileage. Take Quicken MyBusiness one step further by considering its tax form, which can reduce your mistakes while highlighting where you can save.




Goodbudget is unique because it has an expense tracker that measures future costs. Budgeting requires that you have a primary account to balance. Goodbudget integrates with major operating systems that compute financial balances from within a mobile system. The app also tracks your earnings for a given period of time.




If you are starting your own freelance or small business, especially a global one, this app offers a number of features to help you track expenses, generate invoices, take payments and more. You can also perform taxation and auditing tasks as well. The platform supports multi-currencies by allowing you to create invoices in different currencies since it automatically downloads current exchange rates. 


Collect, Choose or Use them All


The best approach is to try all of these financial tools. You can find them in your app store now. Simply start with a username and password, which you can create new or take from an existing account. Even if you’re just testing an app, it should take little time to download. These apps were created to make setting up and maintaining a small business easy and convenient. However, you should choose the one that best fits your needs and cost.