It’s hard to make improvements in anything without motivation. It’s even harder when more than two people are working in a sales team. A group works collectively, so when one person fails to perform, the results affect the entire team and the company as a whole. There are several ways to keep sales worker motivated.


IncentivesThe act of gift giving always helps to persuade employees to do well. Every good sale includes incentives, such as coupons, so that clients continue making more sales. Financial incentives are in the form of money, reward points or material gifts, while moral incentives come in the form of positive praise from the boss and coworkers.

Gamification — People are usually more interested in certain subjects that are presented as fun games. They learn more easily when the subject material is fun and interesting instead of boring and confusing. Sales employees are more interested in their work when they are challenged in different, interesting ways. An example is holding a race for which salesperson can achieve the most number of sales by the end of the sales period. Another example is allowing the winning salesperson to choose from a selection of prizes.

Sales Reporting — Making and discussing sales reports is a regular activity among many sales professionals. A report shows the most recent sales figures and activities. It provides a quick overview of how well specific products, sellers and sales campaigns are doing. The information can include past figures to allow employees to make comparisons based on their past performances. Some reports are designed to make predictions about how the company should or could perform at certain points of time in the future.

Most reports are easy to make through business or accounting software programs. These documents can be printed and presented as pamphlets or displayed in poster size on a whiteboard. Regardless of the style and format, sales reports should contain the necessary information to encourage the sales team to review errors and make improvements.


Being on any type of work team requires discipline, patience and plenty of motivation. If one person loses interest in a project, it could have a ripple effect that causes the others to feel the same way. In addition to gaming and incentives, it’s important to consider the countless other ways to keep employees interested in their work.